Askr Taln

A Hacker and Telepath also Dead


Askr was born on Jade in a suburb outside the city of Huba (named after Huba Conglomerate) known as Miroak, with his parents and his sister Bernie Ojo on a plantation farm where they grew peppers for food corporations and the odd occasional pharmaceutical corporation.

Askr attended various schools as a child before getting in at Huba Computer Technology University aka HCT/HCTU or Huba Com Tech where he learned and fell in love with all things computers and programming and attended a special Huba Huba Conglomerate/HCTU class during his time where subtle tests were performed, before long Askr found out that this class had given and help teach him his Telepathy.

Over the time he attended HTCU he became very well known for his skills in diagnosis and programming around the campus by teachers and students, who would ask for his help with their problems (whether he knew about it already or not) be they as simple as diagnosis of a error in the main system or as tricky as making a program that did a certain or specifically designed task.

After graduating from HCTU Askr was approached by many companies for his skills thanks to the recommendations from his teachers but it was Huba Huba Technologies a tech division of Huba Huba Conglomerate that snatched him up as a Technical Diagnosis & Programming Supervisor, where he helped to create, maintain, check and update all of systems and programs used by the various Divisions of Huba Huba Conglomerate, the pay was incredible, which he used to help his family with, Bernie soon became enthralled by the money and loved spending it she found Mr Ojo and got married but kept in touch with the family.

One day news spread about a war between the Mama Corporation and Huba Huba Conglomerate which led to stuff happening, shit being seen and people getting out somewhat alive.

By the time the war ended Askr was already deemed a criminal for what he did and he had been in and out of so many prison cells it became the norm for him, to be brought in by a bounty hunter called Lavernus Prince but to get out he would either just hack his way out using the system he know inside and out or by being bailed out by his brother in law Mr Ojo. During many of his prison stays he met and befriended a teleporter named Larry “Ghost” Goose who brought him in to a scam with some others, along with Mr Ojo and the bounty hunter to make easy money by being captured and released this went on for a while, but like all ood things it had to come to an end, so Askr and the group left Jade to go to Buruku for a new venture.

After helping the Group acquire many assets in his name such as the complex above the ship and Floater they use to to get about the planet, Askr was killed by a Snake like Hunter Killer Bot after a failed hack attempt to control it, while he and 4 others were acquiring a Singularity Power Source from one of the planets many AA Gun installations.

Askr Taln

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