Booker Graves

If you need a right hand, i am there for ya


Mom moved away to another planet early in my life and never came back, alot of fighting between mom and dad before she left. Wrestling in semi-pro league, father supportive at first but started pushing harder and harder after gambling away all his money. Started betting on my matches, convinced me to lose some matches, started weighing on me so i told the league and got kicked out. Father is incredibly angry and kicks me out, live alone for a little while then he begs me to come back and i do for a while until he starts talking about me getting back to wrestling, i say no and he loses it trying to hit me. In a panic i push him to hard and he gets thrown into our stone table and crack his head open. I bury him in a bright green chilli forest. Go on with my life for a few months but it haunts me and i move away to forget and join a chilli company to also help protect the chilli forests i buried my dad in. I see the name of Mama corporation and hope i can find a home there that i never found before. Found some new friends and then war came.

The war was tough. We saw some shit. But we got out. Somewhat alive.

Booker Graves

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