Larry "Ghost" Goose

"I swear I have no idea where your money is" - Larry Goose


Larry is a psionic teleporter of some capability. He was tricked into a secret development program at the Huba Conglomerate and was subjected to forceful psionic training to develop his abilities before he made his escape. His abilities include mainly personal teleportation combined with stealth, making him a proficient escape artist and assassin. He suffers from memory instability caused by accidents during his forced psionic training which causes him to sometimes forget about important things. Proximity to familiar individuals or environments sometimes appear to lessen his symptoms but this is not confirmed or reliable information, like most things regarding Larry himself.


“I am a leaf on the wind, I guess” – Larry Goose, free falling during an epic escape from one of his aggravated girlfriends on the 69 floor of the Sexslam Hotel after she found out about some other girl or something. Larry couldn’t remember but it was probably not worth this sort of aggression.

Larry also had no memories of his time before signing up for the Huba Academy’s Special Sponsored Education program. He did remember the escape though. It was fucking EASY to wait for an opportunity to teleport in short bursts past the heavily reduced guard force of the down-scaled R&D department. He couldn’t remember how he knew the way through the corridors and checkpoints, into the lockers where all his private belongings were still left since the day he had entered the program. He could probably have escaped much earlier but he had somehow forgotten to do it.

This forgetfulness was somewhat worrying but only when he remembered it so it wasn’t really a problem after all.

There was a war… I think?

After he had gotten dressed and blinked out the front door, he had gotten into some tussles with the Huba Security (assassins) and mercs hired to find an kill him. Being hunted constantly was exhausting. Stress had gotten to him eventually and he considered giving up on being free many times. At one point however, he forgot about his pursuers and that was lucky, because he was easily bored and daring escapes from unknown enemies are hilarious and it also helped that it fixed the nervous breakdown that was caused by months of pursuit.

A problem is only a problem if you remember it. If you can´t, its a mystery and that is FUN!

After a few weeks/months/years (he could not remember), the pursuers stopped coming however. This was a problem, as Larry “The Ghost” Goose was quite fond of this constant cycle of cat and mouse by now. He had no clue who all these people were or why they kept coming after him, since he had long forgotten the reasons but it was enjoyable to have something new and refreshing happening everyday so he decided to get some new opportunities for cool escapes.

“The mental scarring that was caused to Subject “Ghost#1” during his experimental psionic exercises has led to somewhat reduced memory capacity. This is a favorable development, as it has led to Ghost#1 being less prone to breakout attempts, likely because he can´t remember that he is a captive. It has led to some understandable frustration for the psionic instruction crew however. Recovery from these symptoms is hypothetially possible but not guaranteed. Priority value Z assigned to this issue, theoretical and sample data has reportedly been handed to Mr. Kreutz’s intern for her thesis". – Huba Conglomerate R&D department progress report.

Perhaps it was his reputation for being impossible to pin down or capture unless he wanted it that led to his deal with some people whose names he almost remembered sometimes, that wanted him to take part in a scam of some kind. This deal was the perfect replacement for his precious game of cat and mouse and Larry was happy.

The scam couldn’t last forever though and now Larry has moved on to the stars, to new adventures with some guys he doesn’t really remember the names of but it will surely be fine. he was promised there would be lots of running away/running at enemies and that was cool so he had given them all his trademark high five and followed his new friends. One of their names had stuck with him and that was unusual but comforting. Hooker was a nice guy too so Larry had a good feeling about this job.

And if this arrangement got boring he was confident he could get someone to chase him again. Maybe steal a swoopscythe from a local garage or stab a merc something.

Larry "Ghost" Goose

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