Mr Ojo

A fine respectable man



A wonderfully woven navy blue silk bowtie with a white polka dot pattern. Not too many polka dots to make him seem flamboyant or ostentatious but enough to make him seem interesting and amusing.


Mr Ojo started off life as a baby. He has been told that he was well behaved for the most part but had a wild side – a passionate love of bowties and vehicles, especially spaceships.

From a young age Mr Ojo began wearing a bowtie with his normal attire. He was appropriately bullied at school but nothing could undo his love of the accessory. He felt like he was just flat out better whilst wearing it – more intelligent, more confident and more respectable. He was pretty sure his bowtie was the factor that got him a scholarship at the top Engineering College of Jade-2The Hot Chocolate Institute.

Mr Ojo excelled at The Hot Chocolate Institute, learning about many different fields of posttech engineering. He especially loved any modules focused on the workings of different engines or systems for vehicles. He regarded spaceships as the height of engineering, allowing transport between stars in so little time. It was at The Hot Chocolate Institute that Mr Ojo became friendly with Mr Prince who was also among the top students along with a number of students from respectable (wealthy) families. It was at this point that Mr Ojo managed to start his hobby of piloting, getting to borrow many different crafts from these rich friends when they were together. He became quite proficient and even piloted as a part-time job during his studies.

On graduation, Mr Ojo was of course one of the few students who received an internship at the most prestigious corporations on Jade-2 The Huba Conglomerate. Whilst initially involved in food processing, Mr Ojo impressed enough to be moved to the biggest arm of the conglomerate – the pharmaceutical divison. It was here that Mr Ojo really excelled and showed his worth to the higher ups. He made numerous changes to the manufacturing process, increasing the product’s purity and potency. He was rewarded with numerious promotions to oversee much of the product’s production process.

With each promotion, Mr Ojo would mix more and more with the upper class of Jade-2 at social events. He decided that to appear even more respectable, he needed to become a happily married man. Enter Ms Taln, a gorgeous lady who wanted money to spend. There was some element of romance involved but her role was to be on Mr Ojo’s arm whenever he needed her.

This arrangement worked out perfectly for Mr Ojo until the escapades of his brother in-law Mr Taln started getting worse. It didn’t reflect well on Mr Ojo if his brother in-law was getting into trouble so Mr Ojo would bail him out of prison and pay some hush money to make sure it was not reported in the news. The good-for-nothing brother in-law would just not stop though. Mr Ojo would end up going to the same police ship every week to bail out him out, he even got to know some of the crew. Then it hit him, if he couldn’t stop Mr Taln from going to prison, then maybe he should put him there himself and get some extra money for it. He worked out a system with his old friend Mr Prince who now worked as a bounty hunter. Mr Ojo would chat to his wife to ascertain the location of his brother in-law then Mr Prince would grab him and take him to the prison ship to get the bounty. Mr Ojo would go to the ship to bail him out and then they would repeat the whole thing again. Perfect plan. Everyone was a winner (except Mr Taln obviously), the police officers got some of the money so they didn’t raise any issues with how often the guy was getting into prison.

Mr Ojo carried on his respectable life, enjoying his wealth and tinkering away with his various vehicles but Mrs Ojo was proving to be too much. She was beginning to abuse her role as wife to mean that Mr Ojo should spend time with her which was not how Mr Ojo had planned it all out. He was also getting the idea that he was being investigated regarding the special arrangements he was involved in. He was getting more and more intrigued by the idea of leaving Jade-2 and escaping all these problems…

Mr Ojo

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