Vegas Daley

A pilot with an edge


It’s funny isn’t it? A war veteran like me, running from my own homeplanet. And it’s not even because we lost the war. No. We fucked up, but I’m not sad. I think it will be better for me. For us. I think Captain and Booker needs to get away too.

I’m just a small town girl. Actually I’m not even from a town, more like a farm. One of the many chilifarms on this planet. Mama Corporation was my home. They helped my family, which we needed. It was just me, my ma and pa, and big brother Tyrone. Tyrone was always a pain in the ass, but he might be my best friend now.

I was happy though. Even got into flight school when I got older. When I was little I dreamed of being a star, but I guess driving through space is like being a star. Not that a metaphor like that matters. Piloting is my passion. The feeling of soaring through the sky. Those years out of flight school and before the war were the best years of my life.

And then the war happened. I went back to help, but a war does something to you.

We needed some kind of revenge. We lost and it didn’t sit well with us, so naturally we got into Huba Conglomerate. We wanted to take them down from the inside, but the things we discovered. It wasn’t what we hoped for, so we gave up and continued with our work. At least we managed to get some extra money out of them.

Some days I’m sad about not talking with my parents anymore, but after the shit I went through? It’s hard to even look at them. They often asked me what happened at that war to change me this much, but over the years I defaulted to saying just this one thing, not that they ever understood:

The war was tough. We saw some shit. But we got out. Somewhat alive.

Vegas Daley

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